Sunday, September 29, 2013


あるブランドが、FACE BOOKのPOSTで「モデルのOOちゃんが、着用!」という文句とともに、
HOLY SHIT, マジでかわいい。細くて、華奢で、肌なんか陶器みたいで、スカートから出てる足はリカちゃん人形みたい。3回キックされたら骨折しちゃいそう。(別にキックしたいわけじゃない。したくないわけでもない。)正直言って、私が男だったらヤリたい。

This one brand had a facebook post saying "A fashion model ○○○ is wearing our dress!!". And there was a link to the model's instagram. I stupidly clicked it. yes.
Holy shit, she was pretty. Really skinny, fragile, girlishly (and ansian-ly lol) cute, flow-less skin, and legs like barbie doll. Her legs would break if i kick them 3 times. (not that i would kick them, i mean not that i "don't want to" kick though...)
She didn't look slutty like one of those good looking "I want attention and I show a lot of skin"people, or too skinny like someone anorexic. Well from healthy point of view, she is definitely too thin, but from beauty point of view, she looks beautiful. Fashionable, trendy, and sexy. 
I thought my heart was gonna burn out because I was so jealous. hahahaa


Anyway, one of the make-up she (I forgot her name, but she was a Korean model.) had was really pretty, so I tried it! It was so easy, just draw triangles with liquid eye-liner. It just looks like cat eye line when your eyes are opened (●’w’●)

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